Why you might want to check that trip to the dentist off your end-of-year list.

Between glasses of shiraz at the work party, second helpings of Grandma’s infamous apple pie and the sugary treats that somehow materialise in the cupboard each December, it’s no wonder our dental health falls by the wayside. But pencilling in a dental check-up is a smart way to start off the silly season – here’s why.

Prevention is the best form of attack

Whilst delicious, it’s no secret that festive food isn’t very teeth friendly. Although it’s not realistic (let alone fun) to spend the holidays avoiding cakes, biscuits and soft drink, taking care of your dental hygiene before you indulge will help give you healthier teeth and gums which are easier to maintain in the long run. Your dentist can also inform you of any plaque build-up, surface staining or gum recession that might be caused by improper cleaning techniques throughout the year, so brushing up on better habits is a great defence against the Festive Season diet.

Stretch your holiday budgets further

If you’ve had your hours reduced or cut this year you might be looking at trimming expenses where you can. Fortunately, a tight financial situation doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your dental health as Bupa members who have eligible hospital and extras cover are entitled to two free no-gap check-ups to use per year ending December 31st. If you’re not eligible, we can provide you with information on dental payment plans and offer you third-party services such as AfterPay, Openpay and Zip which can help you pay over time. There are many alternatives that will ensure you get the treatment that you need, so it’s always worth speaking to a Bupa Dental team member to figure out which one is right for you and your circumstances.

Save yourself a toothache while travelling

Got a getaway planned over the break? A dental emergency is never ideal, but it’s certainly less so when you are miles from your local dentist. To avoid a toothache ruining what should be a restful holiday, make sure your dentist has addressed and identified any problems before you set off. Plus, getting in early could end up being better for your budget, as addressing tooth concerns before they become serious can save you from needing more expensive and invasive treatments down the track. Of course, things can get busy in the lead up to the end of the year, which is why we offer convenient opening hours, with over half of our clinics remaining open on Saturdays.

Flash your pearly whites at every function

Come Christmas time, weekends can quickly fill up with festive gatherings, so book in your check-up ASAP so you look your best in this year’s family holiday album! And if you’re thinking about changing the look or function of your smile, your dentist can give you advise on whether veneers, crowns, bridges or even teeth whitening might be suitable for you.

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